Continuing in the tradition of sonic fiction, POLYOP fuse organic and machine aesthetics with sci-fi mythologies to create an immersive audio-visual voyage. Enlist on their first cosmic pilgrimage to distant reaches of an alternate polyhedral universe, occupied by psychedelic soundscapes, rhythmical acid entities and uncharted electro artefacts.

Since their inception in 2015, POLYOP have been developing their sound alongside their custom generative visual performance engine entitled Hedron. Their sound fuses the DNA of funk, jazz and electro with techno and modern sound design; whilst reacting with emerging web graphic technology to construct a cubist hyperspace.

In September 2016 released their first single on Nudibranch Records, ‘Ceremonyʼ. Presented with an hypnotic web experience featuring an omnipotent totem dancing to tribal acid. The single was well received, and was supported by BBC Introducing, Roy Davis Jr and Bill Brewster. Since then, POLYOP have released an afro-disco remix of Lakutaʼs ‘Mr Seriousʼ on ‘So Sue Usʼ (Tru Thoughts), which received support from Data Transmission, and have performed on notable bills such as Peckham Rye Festival, CDR, The Lumen Prize and Awamu Together Festival.

Currently working on their first concept album, POLYOP look forward to bringing their live show to festival and club audiences this summer.

Contact details

General enquiries: info@polyop.uk
Jack Driscoll (audio): +44 (0) 7599 662 264
Alex Kempton (visuals): +44 (0) 7450 846 211

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